Who Represents Us in Harrisburg And Washington

Our U.S. Senators are Bob Casey, a Democrat, and Pat Toomey, a Republican. Casey was re-elected in 2012 for a second six-year term. Toomey’s first term ends next year, and he is expected to seek reelection. They may be contacted at casey.senate.gov and toomey.senate.gov, respectively.

Our U.S. Representative in Congress is Brendan Boyle, a Democrat from Philadelphia, elected in 2014. He represents about half of Montgomery County (including three-quarters of Upper Dublin) and Northeast Philadelphia. Previously, our ward was in a Bucks County-centered congressional district. Due to constant gerrymandering reconfiguring our township, Boyle is the tenth different person to represent at least a part of Upper Dublin in Congress during the past twenty-two years. Boyle may be contacted at

Our State Senator is Vincent Hughes from Philadelphia. Hughes is Democratic chair of State Senate Appropriations Committee. He has been in the State Senate since 1994 and has represented various suburban areas (in addition to the western portions of Philadelphia) for twelve years or so. In 2014 his district was changed to include all of Upper Dublin (which had been previously represented by Stewart Greenleaf). Hughes will be seeking reelection in 2016. He may be contacted at

Our State Representative is Tom Murt, a Republican from Upper Moreland. Murt has been representing about a third of Upper Dublin, including what is now 3-1, since he was first elected in 2006. In the most recent reapportionment his district grew to include district 3-2, so that he now represents all of Ward 3. It is anticipated that Murt will be seeking reelection to his sixth term next year. Other sections of Upper Dublin are represented by two other State Representatives. State Representatives are elected to a two-year term. Rep. Murt may be contacted at