Water Safety Update

September 12, 2018

The Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners at their September Stated Meeting on Septemebr 12, 2018 passed a Resoluiton opposing the AQUA PA Inc. Water Rate Increase to the PUC of October 16, 2018.

August 29, 2018

Constituents of my email list and on my Facebook page over the past 2 years have been receiving updates concerning the PFC (PFAS, and PFOS) contamination of some of the water supplied to Upper Dublin by run off from the old Willow Grove Navel Airbase. The EPA says the safe level of these contaminates is below 70 ppt (parts per trillion). The CDC in July has advised these levels downward.

Residents who have been receiving water from the Aidenn Lair well and the North Hills well are now getting their water from the Aqua Abington well, which has 11ptt of PFS.  This is around the new levels that the CDC would like to see instead of the EPA levels of 70ppt. 
It is a fluid situation because new information is coming out all the time.  But the Aidenn Lair well, which provided most of Aidenn Lair’s, and surrounding area (Dublin Hunt, Dawesfield, Harris Rd. etc.) water is closed and is being filtered.  The filters, according to AQUA should be on in 6-9 months. After the filters are on, the well will be brought back on line at non-detect levels of PFS. UD and other local township managers are meeting to join forces to push all water suppliers to non-detect levels. Aqua is not sure if the North Hills well, will return to service.


Upper Dublin residents are supplied their water from three sources: Aqua, North Wales Water Authority, and Ambler Water Company. Only North Wales Water Authority provides non-detectable levels of PFCs in their water. Aqua and Ambler have PFC comtamination.


Visit the UD Township website below for up to the minute information on our water quality.


The Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners (UD BOC) have been aware of this issue since 2016 and have been working with the three water suppliers (Ambler, Aqua, and North Wales) to Upper Dublin residents to ensure we have clean water.

On September 22, 2016, Paul Leonard, UD Township Manager and I went to a meeting conducted by Senator Casey in Washington D.C. about the PFAS water contamination in UD and other localities. At that meeting were representatives from the EPA, CDC, Department of Defense, local elected officials, and Horsham and Warminster water authorities. All are now well aware of the contamination in our water and they are addressing it.

The UD BOC has had numerous stated meetings open to residents on this subject where AQUA representatives were asked about what actions were being taken to remedy the situation. There will be new UD BOC meetings in the near future too.

At the BOC meeting on July 10, 2018, I made a motion that was passed by the entire BOC to have UD staff contact AQUA to have AQUA either filter the Aidenn Lair well to 0 ppt of PFAS or take it off line. AQUA is receptive and working with us on this. At this same meeting UD BOC passed a
resolution in support of Pennsylvania House Bill 705, "Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water" Act sponsored by Rep. Murt that would require all water providers in PA to supply water with PFC levels of 5 ppt or below.


Pasted Graphic 3

PFC Contamination of Drinking Water in PA Communities Discussion Hosted by U.S. Senator Bob Casey

Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C.

On Thursday 9/22/16, UD Township Manager Paul Leonard and I participated in the Sen. Bob Casey’s Discussion of Contaminated Drinking water in PA. Participants included Congressmen Brendan Boyle and Patrick Meehan, and PA State Representative Todd Stephens as well as representative from DOD, CDC and EPA.

Results of the Meeting
DOD agreed to provide a single person to be the point person representing all the various federal agencies and armed services so that state and local authorities will need only contact one person to reach the federal government.

The DOD is working on remediating the toxins on the Willow Grove NAB. No definitive time line for completion at this point.

DOD will reimburse Horsham and Warminster Townships for some of the cleanup costs they have incurred. Further reimbursement is under discussion.

EPA has a health advisory for PFOS & PFOAS of 70 ppt. This is an advisory only – not enforceable. The EPA and CDC are doing studies to determine the health risk before they recommend levels that will be enforceable.

Horsham Water Authority cannot force Aqua to provide water at 1 ppt. They can only recommend.

6. NJ is asking the EPA to be allowed to lower their levels to 14 ppt. They have not set the levels to 14 ppt – it is only a proposal.

The federal response will clearly take place with an eye toward national precedence. The EPA, DOD, and CDC all appear to be focused on State permits, national health standards, and consistencies for what will likely be an expanding number of sites contaminated with this product.

Aqua PA has agreed to help fund the immediate reduction of these contaminats particularly storm water entering into the Neshaminy Creek as that is a major source of water for Upper Dublin.

9. Horsham Township Manager, Bill Walker and State Representative Todd Stephens, pressed the federal government that this containment needs to be cleaned up immediately.

10. It would cost between 30 and 40 million dollars to do the proper studies to access the health impacts.

11. Horsham Township is consistently pressing for immediate studies in their area because it is very likely that many of their residents have long-term exposures to these contaminants.

12. DOD will resubmit its individual clean up permit application to Pennsylvania DEP in November.


Bob Casey, U.S. Senator from PA
Maureen Sullivan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health)
Mark Correll, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Environment, Safety and Infrastructure)
Richard Mach, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Environment)
Richard McCoy, U.S. Air Force National Guard Bureau
Dr. Pat Breysse, Director of National Center on Environmental Health and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Eric Wortman, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Eric Burneson, Director of the Standards and Risk Management Division in the Office of Water, Environmental Protection Agency
Cecil Rodrigues, Deputy Regional Administrator, EPA Region 3
Sasha Brown, Pennsylvania State & Congressional Liaison, EPA Region 3
Karen Johnson, Water Protection Division, EPA Region 3
Steve Hirsch, Hazardous Site Division, EPA Region 3
Brendan Boyle, Congressman 13th District
Patrick Meehan, Congressman 7th District
Todd Stephens, PA Representative 151st District
Bill Walke, Manager, Horsham Township
Tina O’Rourke, Manager, Horsham Water and Sewer Authority
Gregg Schuster, Manager, Warminster Township
Tim Hagey, Manager, Warminster Water Authority
Barry Luber, Manager, Warrington Township
Christian Jones, Director of Water and Sewer/Assistant to the Manager, Warrington Township
Paul Leonard, Manager, Upper Dublin Township
Dr. Gary Scarpello, Commissioner, Upper Dublin Township
Ron Klink, (former Congressman from PA’s 4th) – Senior Policy Advisor at Nelson, Mullins, Riley, and Scarborough (on behalf of Governor Wolf’s administration)